C2 W1: Always Assume Copyright

Something, that honestly, I am horrible with. With good faith intentions, copyright laws can even at the simplest of times, be utterly confusing.

I appreciate the flow chart from Langwitches the Magic of Learning as seen below, and even with using their chart ensuring that my disclaimer is sufficient and that I am indeed giving credit where credit is due. Clear yet? As mud.

Taken directly from their page: “The flowchart is an attempt in creating a clear route to follow to something that is not as clear cut in nature.”

Are we fully understanding this yet?

I think for a topic such as copyright, where do you draw the line… borrowing your favorite 10-second clip from a movie, or a partial song to put to a video of photographs. So whether it’s copying the page of a textbook to help a student in SEN or not citing an image properly, even if we assume copyright- do you still take that chance? If you’re not profiting from it or using it for educational purposes shouldn’t all just be overlooked?

Sometimes it helps just to hear it another way….

Are you serving as a copyright follower for your students and fellow colleagues?

How much do we actually teach our students about copyright, whereas plagiarism is huge and every year dealing with kids who face the consequences of copying one another’s work, especially in a time where “sharing settings” is made easy and thank goodness for “revision history”. As we teach them the importance of having their own words, we must spend equal time ensuring that all digital media creations are treated fairly and put more effort into teaching about copyright, or how will they learn to be active contributors to our global community and not just passive lurkers?

I love creating my own materials, but I also firmly believe in not “reinventing the wheel” so with all new things created, how wonderful is it to beg, borrow, and steal… tweaking and making your own.

I think as we continue to develop new ideas and share resources copyright laws should become more a thing of the past. Do you agree?